Silk Pillowcase - Olive Marble

Silk Pillowcase - Olive Marble

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The proteins and amino acids in silk make it naturally anti-ageing, hypoallergenic and nourishing for your hair and skin. Unlike cotton and linen, silk retains the moisture in your skin and smooths frizzy hair. Botanically hand-dyed with local plant materials, each Tinta pillowcase is unique. 

Each pillowcase is hand-dyed in Newcastle and sewn at The Social Studio in Collingwood. The Social Studio is a fashion school, retail store and manufacturing studio that works with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. 

50 x 75 cm
Made in Australia
100% silk 
Dyed with onion skins

Photography by Nicholas John Wilkins

Each botanically dyed pillowcase is an artwork in collaboration with nature. Just like plants, no two are the same and colours/patterns will differ from images here. Your pillowcases are one-of-a-kind and we hope you love their unique colours and markings.