Ebook Bundle: Natural Dyeing Essentials


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A collection of our most popular ebooks to give you the confidence to dye and paint using natural materials! Pair with a Natural Dye Kit for the complete starter combo. 

  • Plant Guidebook (valued at $29): A compilation of 20+ dye plants, the colours they can make, where to find them and how to use them. A must have. 
  • Dye Dictionary (valued at $29): The A-Z of natural dyeing. The Dye Dictionary contains the down low on all the ingredients and materials you'll need to understand to start dyeing from home so you don't get confused and overwhelmed by the terminology!
  • Natural Painting (valued at $29): Ditch the store bought paints and discover how to make your own instead! Learn the steps to make your own inks and paints with natural pigments (and how to paint with mordants onto fabric). 
  • Plant Pigment Projects (valued at $19): This resource will show you how to do bundle-dyeing, tie-dyeing, make natural play dough, flower pounding and make your own ink (all with plant pigments!)
  • Dye Diary (valued at $19): Our printable resource where you can record all your experiments so you know what to do (or what not to do) next time. Including a seasonal plant guide and a 12-month planner. 
Total value US$125