Ebook: Mordants for Natural Dyes


This ebook is all about that tricky subject: mordants. Whether you want to dye without a mordant, or want to understand how to use metal salts like alum and iron, this ebook will give you all the information you need to understand how mordants for natural dyes work. 

  • 20 pages of beautiful imagery and instructions
  • Mordant methods for plant fibres
  • Mordant methods for animal fibres
  • How to choose which mordant to use for your project
  • Metal salts: alum and iron
  • Natural mordants: tannin, soy and oxalic acid
  • Recommendations for some dyes and fabrics that can be used without mordants
  • Some recommendations for simple mordants that don't require purchasing extra materials
  • Colour shifting by changing the pH of your dye bath
  • How to care for naturally-dyed fabrics