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We believe that the greenest product is one that already exists. This is why we aim to use reclaimed and recycled fibres whenever possible. Our textiles are small-batch or made to order, and measured carefully to minimise waste. We source natural fibre remnants destined for landfill and use offcuts from our own studio to make tags and ribbons. Any tiny offcuts are composted. 

When we do use new fabrics, we choose hemp because it is the most environmentally friendly fibre available. Some of our hemp fabrics are blended with GOTS certified organic cotton so they are super soft to sleep in. Here are a few reasons that hemp is our number one choice:

  • Hemp naturally repels weeds and pests, so zero chemical pesticides or herbicides are necessary.
  • Hemp uses about a quarter of the water cotton needs per kilogram of fibre.
  • Hemp produces 200-250% more fibre than cotton per square metre.
  • Hemp is the strongest, most durable natural fibre available, meaning that garments made from hemp can have a long life.
  • Every part of the hemp plant can be used to make everything from food, fuel and building materials, to bioplastics, paper and cosmetics.
  • The hemp plant returns nutrients to the soil.
  • When it reaches the end of its (hopefully) long life, naturally-dyed hemp fibres are 100% compostable. 


Our waste-free packaging is made from recycled and compostable materials. Our drawstring bags are made to be reused as produce bags for your fruit and vegetables, our postage bags can be put in your home compost bin, and our tags are made from recycled cardboard and fabric offcuts. We don't use plastic in our production and we encourage our suppliers to do the same.

  • Compostable postage bags by The Better Packaging Co. 
  • Sustainably sourced timber stamps by Woodruff & Co in VIC
  • 100% cotton care tags by Gang Apparel Accessories in NSW
  • 100% cotton thread by M. Recht in VIC
  • Hemp twine and recycled swing tags by Buy Eco Green in VIC
  • Deadstock silk Charmeuse by Wall Fabrics in VIC