Katie Wilkins is a natural dyer and founder of Studio Tinta, located in Newcastle, NSW. In her studio, she makes colour from locally-sourced botanicals and imbues their patterns and shades on natural fibres like silk, linen, hemp and organic cotton. Each colour is made locally using fresh and dried plant materials, non-toxic metal mordants, heat and water. 

With a focus on sustainability and ethical production, Tinta makes naturally hand-dyed textiles to wear, sleep in and adorn your home with. All dyes are made from materials that are composted at the end of their life, many of which are food and floral by-products salvaged from landfill. All fabric is hand washed and line-dried, and used dye baths are saved for future use.

Some Tinta pieces are sewn in-house, some are sourced from ethical and sustainable Australian suppliers, and others are manufactured at The Social Studio, a not-for-profit social enterprise located in Collingwood, VIC. The Social Studio is a retail store, fashion school, digital printing studio and manufacturing studio that works with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Their expert skills are called upon to make Tinta's silk pillowcases.

Tinta values transparency and honesty, and is proud to make sustainable and ethical textiles in collaboration with the natural environment. A combination of design and chemistry, Tinta textiles highlight the beauty and versatility of our renewable natural resources.

The Tinta studio is located on Awabakal and Worimi land in Newcastle.

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