Botanical Print Silk Pillowcase - Print #1


Naturally hypoallergenic and nourishing for your hair and skin. Unlike cotton and linen, silk retains the moisture in your skin, smooths frizzy hair and doesn't cause sleep creases. Botanically hand-dyed with local plant materials, each Tinta pillowcase is unique. Silk pillowcases are the most special gift for newlyweds, lovers & new parents. 

Benefits of sleeping on silk:

- Prevent and manage frizzy hair. Silk doesn't cause friction like cotton or linen, meaning that it prevents breakage and retains moisture in your hair. 
- Sooth dry or itchy skin. Perfect for anyone who has eczema or sensitive skin.
- Prevent sleep creases which can cause permanent marks over time. 
- Hypoallergenic, resistant to allergens like dust, pollen and bed mites. Silk pillowcases can reduce symptoms for asthmatics. 
- Keep your skin hydrated. Silk doesn't absorb moisture from the skin which makes it especially good for managing dry skin during the cooler months. 

50 x 75 cm
100% silk
Made in Australia by ECA accredited manufacturer

*Each botanically dyed pillowcase is an artwork in collaboration with nature. Just like plants, no two are the same and colours/patterns will differ from images here. These images illustrate some of the patterns that are possible using our signature ingredients. Your pillowcases are one-of-a-kind and we hope you love their unique colours and markings.