Vibe Check: Virgo Season 2020

Vibe Check: Virgo Season 2020

Vibe Check: Virgo Season 2020  

By Southern Spells

Our resident witch breaks down the energy forecast for the month ahead. Buckle up.  

“Think of what it takes to see a grand vision. Then what nurturing it takes to manage a vision that big… What is revealed to you is in direct relation to the choices that need to be honoured to make that vision be born.”

— Carolyn Myss.

Today marks the end of Leo Season and the beginning of Virgo Season. The vibe of this transition has a shot-of-tequila intensity. In tarot terms (which is my particular alley) we are moving from the raw expression of the Strength card to the introspective embodiment of the Hermit. The month ahead will wake us up from wherever we tend to microsleep - particularly where we have boundary-related blind spots. 

I hear a lot of shit talk about Virgos, which I frankly have no time for. They are typically reduced to rigid, controlling, party-pooping perfectionists or straight-up workaholics. Sure, I’ve been micromanaged by a Virgo—who hasn’t? Every sign has it’s vice and every season has its foibles. But there’s more to the Virgo archetype than frothing right angles and knowing what’s best for you (Virgos do generally give great advice though, and I think we just need to suck it up and listen).

Virgo energy is generative, succinct and calmly blunt. It’s diligent as fuck, innately trustworthy and deeply sensual. Virgo grounds excitement in reality, has a way with ritual, and recognises that no is a complete sentence. Virgo knows what followup questions to ask, how to de-escalate conflict, and why you can’t stop crying. Virgo advocates for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of a person and of the earth itself, because they understand that this kind of care is (and should be) mutual, foundational and generative. Virgo is here to be of service, not as a martyr but as a grounded, future-facing force to be reckoned with.

The Hermit card embodies the Virgo qualities we are going for this month. This card is about saying yes to a call to walk your own path, following the breadcrumbs of guidance life is giving you. This card represents the trust it takes (in self, in spirit) to face the truth, the truth that can only be found by going within. The Hermit knows that tending to the inner world is of paramount importance in showing up for the communities they care for.



The Hermit is willing to forgo temporary comfort and camaraderie for long-term pleasure and fulfilment. The Hermit understands the power of a good cull, the magic of a nature walk, the necessity of a day without scrolling. The Hermit shows up to “the work” even when they don’t feel like it. They have incredible capacity for patience, and know the value of seeing a thing through. I don’t know about you, but this impatient motherfucker needs all the help she can get.

This is what we are being handed this season: The work of seeing our visions through. Ideas are great, and visions are grand - but without an eye on the details, without considering the body, without getting shit done - what are we doing? It’s get-your-shit together month. It’s honour-your-body month. It’s you-do-you month.

We are not playing around anymore. Say yes when you feel a yes, say no when you feel a no. Own your I-don’t-knows. Rushing helps no-one.

Some Virgo Muses to inspire you in the trenches this month: Beyoncé (the ultimate Virgo’s Virgo), Fiona Apple, Keanu Reeves, Bhenji Ra, Amy Winehouse, Sophia Loren, adrienne marie brown, Roald Dahl, Ava DuVernay, Noname, Melissa Broder.

How will you show up to the work of Virgo Season? How will you let go of the dead wood, make space for emerging responsibilities, and build frameworks for the future? 

I’ll be showing up with a mixture of fervour, terror (are they the same thing?) and a pocket full of snacks. See you there.

Sophia Somerville is the creator of Southern Spells, an online sanctuary where art and mysticism meet. She offers tarot readings, hosts coven meetings and facilitates ongoing intuitive guidance for artists and creatives around the world. 

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'Hermit' artwork by Madison Ross, 'Virgo' artwork by David Palladini