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Vibe Check: Scorpio Season 2020

Vibe Check: Scorpio Season 2020

Our resident witch breaks down the energy of the month ahead. Are you ready for a rebirth?

I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow, the million moving shapes and cul-de-sacs of shadow. There was shadow in bureau drawers and closets and suitcases, and shadow under houses and trees and stones, and shadow at the back of people’s eyes and smiles, and shadow, miles and miles and miles of it, on the night side of the earth. ― Sylvia Plath, ‘The Bell Jar’

Suddenly Libra becomes Scorpio, drawing us from the heady heights of justice to our own watery depths. Scorpio and its corresponding Death card are here to transform us into who we really are. At this point we have learned much about ourselves in relation to others. The time is ripe for a cool descent into our souls and psyches to reckon with our shadows. October 23 to November 22 is a time of profound shedding, metamorphosis, decay, and purging. Scorpio is not a chill sign, and it’s season is appropriately draped in spook and secrecy.
I couldn’t be more in the mood for this. I’m ready to dance with death. My dark humour and cyclical nature feel very at home in this energy. Scorpio asks us to lean into the transitions we are currently experiencing, with a willingness to be ruthless and go deep. This particular Scorpio Season coincides with both Mars and Mercury stationing retrograde, as well as a particularly chaotic US election. It is wise to limit your external communication and go deep into the cave of your own being. Be like a Scorpio and be mysterious. Keep your cards close to your chest until mid November if you can.

Scorpio energy is known for its intensity, sharp intelligence, loyalty and sexual potency. Utterly unafraid of the dark, this sign has a reputation for being manipulative, jealous and unforgiving. Not likely to wear their heart on their sleeve, Scorpios can seem somewhat unknowable. But they carry a deep knowing within them: There’s an entire world within you, Scorpio whispers. I’ll show you.
The Death card initiates us into the cave of our own shadow, guiding us to release old aspects of ourselves in order to evolve. Over the next month, Death will show you what you have outgrown, and challenge you to give it a proper burial. This season calls for ritual and ceremony - it’s Halloween time after all - so don’t shy away from lighting a shitload of candles, creating a spell or dressing up as Medusa. Death wants to be respected as an integral part of Life. Honour it in your own way.
Some Scorpio muses to inspire you in the underworld: Winona Ryder, Drake, Lisa Bonet, Bjork, Tilda Swinton, Demi Moore, Gordon Ramsay, Joni Mitchell, Ru Paul, SZA, Jeff Buckley, Kurt Vonnegut, Sylvia Plath, Goldtone Vintage and Dostoyevsky.
How will you show up to the funeral of your past self? (And more importantly, what will you be wearing?)

Sophia Somerville is the creator of Southern Spells, an online sanctuary where art and mysticism meet. She offers tarot readings, hosts coven meetings and facilitates ongoing intuitive guidance for artists and creatives around the world. 
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