Vibe Check: Libra Season 2020

Vibe Check: Libra Season 2020

By Southern Spells

Our resident witch breaks down the energy of the month ahead. Keep your eyes open. 

“Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terror, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.”

― Anais Nin

And so we bid farewell to hermetic Virgo and enter the calm embrace of Libra. We are different people at this juncture. After being spring-cleaned from the inside out, our minds are a little crisper, revived and somewhat ready for human interaction. 

How does it feel to walk from mutable Earth to cardinal Air? Are you strutting, idling, wandering, jaunting? If you find yourself rushing, slow the fuck down. Stop and smell those gardenia’s sprouting from someone’s front garden. It’s important to take in your surroundings as you walk through the next four weeks, to ask for directions when you get lost and to let symbols and aesthetics guide you. Libra Season is all about clear vision, fair action and deep beauty.


Artwork by Ryan Lemere.

Libra energy puzzles me. I find it so multifaceted that, while the Libran angels in my life teach me so much, I feel ill-equipped to speak on the sign justly. As I sat down to write this, I heard the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and absolute force of truth, integrity and equality on the grandest of scales. We only have to look to her life to support our pilgrimage through Libra and Justice this month. May her memory be a revolution.

The current cosmic landscape is reflected in the Tarot in the transition from Hermit to Justice. All of a sudden we step off the solitary path into a gallery or courtroom, Lady Justice standing before us wielding a sword of truth in one hand and the scales of law in the other.

Libra Season is centred on partnership. It cares deeply about the relationship between things. It desires harmony, understands balance is fluid, and possesses the patience to continually negotiate it. Sometimes this comes at a personal cost, as this archetype can be prone to people-pleasing. Pay attention to any beliefs you have around martyrdom or putting others’ needs before your own. The vibe this month is ‘for the good of all involved’ AND putting your own oxygen mask on first. The two go hand in hand. 

Libra Season invites you to pay attention to the imbalances that show up in your relationships. Let these findings act as portals to reflection and action. This is a month that will literally rebalance the scales, if we are willing to gaze honestly, with both eyes. Have courage to really look.

 The Justice card is where we begin to understand the impact of our individual work in the wider world. It is where we enter the arena of cause-and-affect, non-violent communication and ethical decision-making. No wonder Libras are often mocked for agonising over every decision - they basically have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Poor things are almost too-aware of consequences.

Being a card that appreciates, curates and understands the sacredness of beauty on a deep level, this month is also an opportunity to examine the ways in which self-care and beauty rituals influence your mood, work, and daily interactions with others. Don’t you dare skip your skincare routine or underestimate the power of a red lip.

Some Libra Muses to inspire you in the mirror this month: Cardi B, Donald Glover, Mitski, Hilary Duff, Victoria Houllis, Jeff Goldblum, Phoebe Robinson, AOC, Thom Yorke, Indira Elias, Marc Maron, Lil Wayne, Tessa Thompson, Allison Bagg.

 How will you show up to the work of Libra Season? How will you let RBG’s legacy ignite your own life and community?

I’ll be showing up with as much hope, heart and red lippy as I can muster. See you in court. 

Sophia Somerville is the creator of Southern Spells, an online sanctuary where art and mysticism meet. She offers tarot readings, hosts coven meetings and facilitates ongoing intuitive guidance for artists and creatives around the world. Browse her offerings & book a reading.